Well I have submitted my first game to Apple and it is available now.

Star Chase –


I have gone with a universal binary as I do not like paying for iPhone and iPad versions of games.  I also have an introduction price set to 0.99c and it will go up shortly after the release. But it will not be outrages as again I do not like paying to much for games on the iPad.

Here is a brief description of the game.

Destroy countless Alien enemies as fast as you can in this dual stick retro style arcade shooter. Then collect as many stars that the aliens drop when they get destroyed as fast as you can before they disappear.

The number of stars you collect are added together from game to game so your position on the Total Stars Collected Leaderboard will always be changing.

Compete with your friends to be number one on three Game Center Leaderboards – Stars collected in a single game, Total Stars collected or the Highest Score.

Would you like to switch the virtual joystick over – not a problem – select yes so that the left joystick fires and the right one controls your ship instead of the default which is the other way around.


  • Control your ship with one joystick and shoot with the other joystick for independed ship and bullet direction.
  • Double tap to drop bombs.
  • 3 Game Centre Leaderboards
  • 19 Game Centre Achievements with more on the way
  • Power ups to help destroy more enemies or restore your shield
  • Original Graphics
  • Original soundtrack