So you have programmed your game and you are ready to submit it for sale. But wait, you have no background music. What to do?

You could pay someone to create the music for you but why not do it yourself?

With the fantastic array of music apps available on iOS now, you can create music for games or anything else and it has never been easier.

Propellerhead has a fantastic app available called Figure and at 0.99c it is very affordable.

With a wealth of sounds, tempo and key changes availability you can create a background music masterpiece to suit your needs.  Tap out your drum beat, move your finger around to play your bass and keyboard. Then change the filters and mix away until you have exactly the sound you want.

Once you are happy with the sound, save it and export the file to your Mac. Now just have your game engine loop the file and your background soundtrack is complete.  It is so easy and quick to make music you can spend the extra time creating more background tracks and changing what plays in your game over time.

But that is not where it stops. Enter AudioBus, another fantastic app that lets music apps on iOS talk to each other.

With a growing community of supported music apps the options are endless –

With access to free and paid quality music apps that now talk to each other on iOS, the world of creating music has really opened up, not only for musicians but for us game developers as well.